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The Point Wellness Spa Brings AntiGravity® Fitness to St. Thomas

Serenity Is One Inversion Away


New York, NY — DATE X, 2014 —The Point Wellness Spa, sitting high atop the hills of Point Pleasant Resort, is proud to announce the availability of AntiGravity® Fitness at its facility in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Under the direction of owner Bev Goodwine, The Point Wellness Spa marks the second location within the Caribbean to offer AntiGravity® courses. 


Created by movement innovator Christopher Harrison, a former Broadway dancer and award-winning Aerial Choreographer, the groundbreaking AntiGravity® technique has changed the way we move - taking exercise up into the air, encouraging good form, lean lines, and eliminating back and neck pain for many.


“I originally discovered the AntiGravity® movement while travelling,” says Bev Goodwine, Owner of The Point Wellness Spa. “After a few classes I was hooked and knew it was something I needed to bring back to the people of St. Thomas. Having the creator Christopher Harrison come here to bless our space in person for our Grand Opening was a true honor and privilege.”


To create AntiGravity®, Mr. Harrison has freely adapted and merged his vast knowledge of dance, fitness, and the aerial arts into an extensive technique on his Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock, a silk fabric that acts like a soft trapeze that helps position the body into correct form and alignment. Perfect for those who truly care about their health, The Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock allows one to move the body freely in all directions of open space, including zero-compression inversions.


“Inversions keep bodily functions operating optimally while ensuring that metabolism remains in check,” says Christopher Harrison. “When you send fresh blood to the brain it tickles the hypothalamus to release neurotransmitters that help regulate the body. During an inversion the pituitary gland alone releases nine hormones that help speed up the metabolism and promote weight-loss.”


Mr. Harrison’s breakthrough invention started the aerial yoga and suspension fitness genres. Participants notice the many benefits of training physical grace through discipline and repetition.


“I’ve always believed in the importance of stretching,” says Bev. “It helps foster a mind-body connection that makes people more aware of their physical presence, plus promotes a long, lean form. With it’s zero-compression inversions, AntiGravity® delivers optimal stretching plus spinal traction that is beneficial to practitioners at all fitness levels. Beyond the healing and health benefits, I’ve also found that the inversion practice even promotes hair growth!”


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About AntiGravity® Fitness: 

Christopher Harrison founded AntiGravity® Entertainment originally as a dance company that utilized acrobatic arts as a movement vocabulary in 1991.  All AntiGravity Fitness techniques are derived from the performance team’s warm-ups and aerial conditioning exercises. Harrison is best known for bringing contemporary aerial arts to Broadway, rock tours, TV award shows, and for creating the aerial yoga genre. AntiGravity® is now widely considered America’s premier aerial acrobatic entertainment, being the President’s choice for his Inauguration. AntiGravity® Fitness, founded in 2007, first launched AntiGravity Aerial Yoga, forging an entirely new path and creating a new genre. AntiGravity® AIRbarre is now Harrison’s seventh fitness technique.


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